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Two New Generation Shower Mobile Vehicles for Disable Elderly are now available in Chiayi County
Chiayi County Government, TAIWAN
Date: 2013/10/14  

With the charaties’ support, the Sisters of Lady of China Catholic Social Welfare Foundation purchases two new mobile shower vehicles in September this year and the starting ceremony was held on 14th. The mobile shower vehicles will serve the disabled elderly living in mountain area and coastal region of Chiayi County where is hard to access to hospital resource and also relieve caregivers’ stress. Besides, county government provides low-income disabled elderly with full subsidy. According to statistics, over 60% of the families who bear duty of caring disabled elderly consider that " bathing " is the most difficult and laborious task during care. Normally, caregivers only take sponge bath for the disabled elderly to substitute for shower. Up to 30% elders being disabled more than five years have lack complete shower for more than three years.

Five years ago, Sisters of Lady of China Catholic Social Welfare Foundation first introduced mobile shower vehicles home service that is regarded as a savior of bedridden disability in Chiayi County. They have being serving more than 4,000 people and got excellent reputation from families. Recently, the mobile shower vehicles are insufficient for use with the increasing demand. Funding from Taiwan Lottery Company, Chinatrust Charity Foundation, Kao Chin-Yen Memorial and Education Foundation, Huang Ding Memorial Charity Social Welfare Foundation, Inc and many donations from public, the foundation purchased two new mobile shower vehicles which are expected to bring benefits to meet more families with disabilities in need.

The Magistrate of Chiayi County, Mrs. Chang, Hwakuan and Chairperson of Sisters of Lady of China Catholic Social Welfare Foundation Sister Chen, Meihui attended the Ribbon cutting ceremony in Xikou Township on 14th of October. The ceremony held in a regular service user's house. After ceremony finish, nurses moved the bath device into house and started the bathe service. 

The Magistrate of Chiayi County, Mrs. Chang, Hwakuan indicated that the old age population proportion is 16.24% which is highest among Taiwan. Recently, Chiayi County Gorvernment actively cultivates the filed of senior citizen’s welfare in communities. That makes the elderly receive care in their familiar neighborhood. Thanks for Sisters of Lady of China Catholic Social Welfare Foundation in long-term cooperation with Chiayi County Governmemt, and what’s more, by introducing mobile shower vehicle from Japan which provides house services for the elderly to enjoy bathing services at home. Two mobile shower vehicles are expected to serve disabled elderly with love and concern around mountains and costal region. Chiayi County Gorvernment incapacitates that disabled elderly would enjoy a better and dignified bathing services by the mobile shower vehicles.

The Magistrate of Chiayi County, Mrs. Chang, Hwakuan said, "Elders, at the meridian of life, have diligently been committed to their families and hometown for several decades. When they reach old age, government is supposed to improve senior citizen’s welfare and look after their remaining life with respect. The main goal of Changshou New Paradise established by Chiayi County Gorvernment is for the elderly to live healthily, happily and augustly.

Chairperson of Foundation Chen, Meihui said that house bath services not only timely relieve caregiver stress but ease disabled elderly with hot water and adequate water pressure. In bath process, disabled elderly are comforted mentally with smooth blood circulation and better metabolism.

The mobile shower vehicle is equipped with movable bath equipment and its main services are shampoo and bathe. Appliance crews include therapists, operator and bathing assistant. Prior to the service, the staff will evaluate disabled elderly such as body temperature and blood pressure, once it is complete, the staff will precede full-body bath service.

The new mobile shower vehicles service in mountain area and coastal region in Chiayi County to improve quality and quota of services. The service time is about one hour each time charging 600 NT. Nevertheless, to allow low income people easily enjoy bathe service, Chiayi County Gorvernment currently provides subsidies as long as the application approved. Low-income disabled elderly would receive a full subsidy and general disabled elderly would expect to get 50% discount. The policy makes the elderly family in financial difficulties be able to enjoy the best quality service.

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