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Lions Clubs International will donate 10 rehabilitation buses to New Taipei City
Department of Health, New Taipei City Government
2012 / 07 / 30

The 2012-2013 Lions Clubs International 300B1 District Governor Inauguration Ceremony was hosted today at Denwell Hotel. New Taipei City Mayor Eric Chu attended the ceremony to congratulate the new governor, Hong Chunyi. On behalf of 4 million New Taipei citizens, Chu thanked Mr. Hong and the 300B1 District Lions Club for their promise of donating 10 rehabilitation buses in Hong’s tenure.

The club under the leadership of its former governor, Lin Lianghong, had donated an oral/eye-sight medical equipment as well as a pap exam mobile bus for healthcare of children and women. This year, under Mr. Hong’s leadership, the club is going to donate 10 rehabilitation buses and another oral/eye-sight medical equipment.

 Chu praised that Lions Club has done a great contribution to New Taipei community. He said our society needs more people like the members of Lions Clubs, who are all successful in their businesses and never hesitate serving the community. If only more people in our community have the spirit of helping others, Taiwan can then become a better, happier place, Chu said.

The original news is available at: http://www.health.ntpc.gov.tw/english/information.aspx?uid=212&pid=2985