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Severely Sight Impaired Citizens May Book Rehabilitation Bus Up to 5 Days in Advance
Taipei City Public Transportation Office


To make rehabilitation buses more convenient for severely sight impaired citizens to use, starting from January 21, 2013, eligible citizens may make a booking for the rehabilitation bus 5 days in advance after 1:30PM instead of 4 days in advance. 

The Taipei City Public Transportation Office (PTO) said that the change was due to feedback from severely sight impaired citizens that it was difficult to book the rehabilitation bus during peak hours and the inconvenience of using public transportation. At the 1st meeting of th
e 11th "Taipei Air-Conditioned Small Bus for Handicapped People Quality of Service Supervisory Committee", the decision was made to upgrade their booking priority from grade A (4 days in advance) to grade A1 (book 5 days in advance in the afternoon). Other grade A passengers (non-severely sight impaired) where changed to grade A2 and remained at booking 4 days in advance. Special A passengers can still book after 9AM 5 days in advance so their rights remained unaffected.  

The PTO concluded that the current "
Service Guidelines for Taipei's Small Air-Conditioned Bus for Handicapped People" was a
mended to re-classify handicaps into the following grades: Special A, A1, A2, and B. Bookings could be placed 5 days, 4.5 days, 4 days and 3 days in advance respectively. The booking regulations and service guidelines are available from the PTO website at http://www.pto.taipei.gov.tw/. Inquiries can also be directed to Ms. Liu, the person-in-charge of this service at 02-27274168 ext. 8540.